Reclaiming Divine Connection- 4 week series starting June 26, 2023


Donna Accardo, Owner of Inner Design, is a trained facilitator of Geotran, an energetic modality that reduces stress and anxiety, allowing people to be fully in choice in their lives. The use of this work empowers her clients to achieve their goals, digest and get through obstacles easily, and live their highest Ideal Life.

With this series, she will teach and share meditation practices and the introductory tools of Geotran daily to clear the anxiety, confusion, lack of focus, and uncertainty, making a way for a whole new level of empowerment and confidence.  It is time to claim the connection with all of yourself and all of your Divine qualities!

Included with this series:

  •  4 Weekly meetings from June 26th- July 24th (skipping week of July 4th) 6:30-8:00 pm CST
  • Daily 15-minute guided meditations
  • Practical energetic tools to use daily to release stress, connect and stay focused, and clear the way to success
  • All meetings and meditations recorded and emailed

Fee: $150 (free for subscribers- please email request for the series)

Offered via Zoom or in person at Inner Design Office: 
921Aris Avenue 
suite C
Metairie, LA 70006


Starting every day with these practices grounds and energizes me and lets me successfully set and hold my intention for the day with much fewer speed bumps.  The other thing I love is getting hands-on tools, so that I have an arsenal of help at the ready and for tune-ups throughout the day.” - C.L.

"Learning to meditate with Donna has not only had a positive impact on my health, but help me approach my day with more awareness and understanding. I think meditation has proven to be some of the most valuable time I’ve ever spent.  I feel inspired to continue this practice in my everyday life."  - S.M.