2022 Goal Setting Workshop! January 15, 2022

 2022 Goal Setting Workshop: 

January 15th 11:00-2:30pm CST

$60 if registered before Jan. 8th, $70 afterwards

ZOOM link sent with registration

Limited live attendance available at Inner Design Office with rsvp.

In this workshop, you will explore what you want in all of the different areas of your life (and WHY), and identify what comes up to block them.  By exploring the different categories, what emerges are the patterns of what is calling you most at this time- there will definitely be a theme!  

Also, the patterns of the limiting programs that get in the way are identified (often hidden in the categories that you wouldn’t have imagined).  Although it will start off feeling like a million different things, you’ll discover that you’re really only going for a couple of key things and the core behind what is blocking you is only a few old stories, as well!  Then, we will use the energetic Geotran tools to clear the limitations and open space for what you want to manifest and for you to be able to take the actions needed to get there. This is my favorite event of the year!  I love the discovery process!


A workbook will be included, as well as an Intro manual if you are a new student of Geotran.

This is a GREAT way to begin learning these tools, because they can apply it directly to your life in a very practical and immediate way. 

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